Monitoring Health

At The Touch of Your Fingertips


Our sensors continuously monitor and analyze your elderly’s activity, weight and sleep patterns in the background. You then receive timely alerts to take action - such as when a frail elderly is getting out-of-bed, or when a chronically ill patient suffers a sudden change in weight.

Caring Gets Easier

With Our Monitoring Services

Fall Prevention Alerts
Our proprietary algorithms allows assistance to get to them ahead of time, by sending alerts when the elderlies are starting to get out of bed.
Effortless Weight Monitoring

Our sensors convert any hospital or residential bed into a smart monitoring scale that can take as many readings as needed, with no manual effort required.

Night Time Monitoring

Our sensors monitor conditions such as getting out of bed several times at night, and other patterns throughout the sleep cycle.

Easily Implemented

In Any Situation

For Hospitals & Care Centres

A complete solution for Fall Prevention and Weight Monitoring. Protect your frail, fall-risk residents from danger with our pre-emptive out-of-bed alerts. Weigh your bed-bound residents effortlessly and as often as you need.

For Caregivers At Home

Enjoy the Peace of Mind from knowing that you can track and monitor your loved ones’ health conditions. Know how often they are turned over to relieve their bedsores.

What Our Supporters

Have To Say

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Dr Ravinder Sachdev Deputy CMIO, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

"Regular weight monitoring is crucial in the management of patients prone to 'fluid overload', but many of them are too ill to use traditional weighing methods. We need innovative new approaches to help them."

An Affordable

System of Caring

Starting at SGD 20 Per Month
Our pricing system involves rental of our sensors for continuous monitoring service as well as access to pre-emptive alerts and tracking dashboards.

For less than a dollar a day, you get the peace of mind knowing that you are equipped to provide better care for your elderly’s health and safety.

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We are a social enterprise that supports and empowers caregivers with simple, non-intrusive and innovative tools.

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