Accessible Weight Monitoring for the Bed and Chair-Bound
Effortless weighing for those who cannot stand on a scale
Effortless Monitoring, from the Comfort of Home
Better Monitor and care for the ones you love
Act Early, Save lives
Timely alerts on worsening conditions, so you can perform early intervention
Better Monitoring, Improved Care
Robust data to understand patients' conditions, so you can tailor your care

The Problem

Our Solution

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EmoHealth is a small social enterprise with a big dream: to enable chronic patients and the elderly to stay healthy and live independent lives.

We believe that our effortless monitoring solutions enable caregivers and healthcare providers to do early intervention, so that we can achieve preventive healthcare and improved health for chronic patients and the elderly.

Our IoT technology converts regular beds and chairs into smart sensors that take automated readings each time they sit or lie down. We tap on AI and machine learning to analyze the data, and deliver predictive insights on new and existing health conditions.

We serve the primary and community care sectors in Singapore, including polyclinics, community hospitals, nursing homes, and home care services.

We actively participate in Singapore’s healthcare innovation ecosystem, with our most recent engagement being to present at the Global Conference for Integrated Care (organized by Agency of Integrated Care).

We are incubated by the Centre for Social Enterprise